An ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 45000 compliant QHSE delivered as Saas in cloud running on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 integrated

ProcessFrame QHSE can be easily adapted (zero code changes) to existiting processes and historical data, reducing learning time and allowing import of data. Same flexibility allows for future adaptation to evolving business requirements.

Process driven approach

Processes are at the center of the  system: following the ISO guidelines, most records are linked to processes: from non-conformances to corrective actions, from internal audit to risk assessment.

Risk Management

An integrated risk assessment system allows for evaluating risks and assigning & monitoring risk reduction actions. Adverse event registration supports risk continous monitoring and re-evaluation.

Microsoft Azure application

ProcessFrame runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. Such infrastructure provides the highest degree of security and supports all the major standards for security and privacy of data, including GDPR.

Azure AD and Office

ProcessFrame allows for single sign on with Azure Active Directory, as well as stand alone authentication. If the user logs in with Office 365 credentials, workflow related mails  use his/her Office 365 mailbox.

Why Choose ProcessCloud?

The best of both worlds

Freedom from IT concerns as well as  ease of personalization and integration
with other on premises or cloud applications


User can access the application from anyhere on any device and all browsers. No concerns for installations, upgrades, backup, data security, system failures.

Personalization and integration

Forms and workflows can be customized without software changes. On top of Office 365 and AD integration, standard Web Services and WS clients allow integration with other subsystems located anywhere.

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